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SJdB & Partners

‘SJdB & Partners’ is a business club. An invitation to join is extended through the personal recommendation of the existing membership. There are currently 100 UK members. Membership will be capped, ultimately, at 120. The membership is drawn from the senior echelons of London’s financial community, entrepreneurs, principals & owners of family offices and luxury brands.

Business Aspect
The club is hosted by Simon Jacot de Boinod. Simon acts as a ‘facilitator’ on behalf of the membership, working individually with each member to achieve pre-agreed goals, be they:- introductions; affiliations; creation of business; equity raising; sight of selected deal-flow ...

‘SJdB & Partners’ can boast that each of its 100 members have all transacted business at some level through the club. An Investment Forum is also in place, with 2 significant transactions already completed in 2013.

Social Aspect
The club’s business activity is underpinned by a full and varied social calendar. There is a fortnightly opportunity for the membership to meet, at a breakfast [Carlton Club] and a drinks evening [Berkeley Square]. In addition, a number of special events are held: a private air show & dinner with the Red Arrows; shooting at West Wycombe; cricket at Wormsley; golf at Burhill, and parties at houses such as Kensington Palace and the Tower of London.

Online Aspect
‘SJdB & Partners’ has an on-line Club House affording members the chance to communicate privately with each other.

International Membership
An International Membership was launched in April 2013; over the next 18 months, up to 100 international members will be invited to join, across 15 ‘centres’, through the personal referral of a UK member.

In brief, ‘SJdB & Partners’ is an eclectic mix of successful and influential people being strategically introduced to one another, in order that they might write business, share contacts and enjoy each others’ company ...